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Mega Metagross. by Sephirona
Mega Metagross.
Drawn a bit hastily for Issue #44 of The Smog, Smogon's webzine. Experimented a bit with SAI's color settings~
Volcarona. by Sephirona
A painting of Volcarona I did rather quickly for Issue #42 of The Smog,'s webzine. I'd have liked to work harder on the rendering and details (that fuzz oh nooo) but it's finals week and I was feeling anxious about spending my time painting when I should be studying.  I'll have more time to practice after this semester is over x_o
Silence - Tranquility in Dragon Age. by Sephirona
Silence - Tranquility in Dragon Age.
My illustration for the Silence card of the Wicked Grace fan project. Tranquility in Dragon Age is a topic fraught with controversy, and I personally find the idea distasteful so I focused on depicting the censorship of Tranquils at the hands of people who would do them harm, like Ser Alrik. I kept it mostly monochromatic because it reminded me of the atmosphere of black and white silent films.

I need practice with painting underlighted faces. o.x
Slumber - Fen'Harel. by Sephirona
Slumber - Fen'Harel.
The Slumber card I illustrated for the Daggers suit of the Wicked Grace fan project. I thought Solas would be the perfect subject for it, and although I meant to try to mimic the style of his game tarot cards I ended up experimenting with my own technique instead. It was nice to paint in patchy 2D for a change since I'm usually so focused on 3D rendering. c:
Corruption - Red Lyrium Cullen.
I'll just copy and paste my original Tumblr description (My Tumblr entry:…) for this to explain my thought processes for this piece *v*:

I was invited by Rita (rihouston) to illustrate some cards in her ambitious Wicked Grace project, and this is the piece I finished a few months ago for the Corruption card - I did a lil more work and animated it for Tumbliebumble. Instead of “testing the chains” in pursuit of freedom as Cole says, he is leashing himself. I don’t really like the idea of Cullen suffering any more than he already has, but I decided to invoke the right of artistic license because I thought it fit the theme and because I do enjoy imagining the technical aspects of how Red Lyrium metamorphoses the body. *_* I imagine the major internal organs are the first to go - the Lyrium takes them over, bolstering the metabolism of the host and making their body more resilient to the changes that are about to occur. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are assimilated very quickly because they’re used extensively by the Red Lyrium as transport systems. The brain, too, eventually succumbs at some point, perhaps later depending on the willpower of the host, maybe in a fashion similar to how Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is able to take over the minds of ants and pilot them to propagate itself. The Red Lyrium then proceeds to cannibalize other parts of the body, replacing some of the skeleton to make room for the expanding crystals and substituting its own firm composition to maintain structural integrity and function. It uses the life essence of these cannibalized body parts to continue nourishing its growing crystals. Eventually, a threshold is reached wherein there is no spare tissue left to convert - and that’s when the Red Lyrium cannibalizes the parts of the body it was piggybacking on and crystalizes, becoming immobile and statue-like.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hi! I'm Rona, and I love to draw as a hobby. I've been here a while and I update with new drawings on and off. Lately I've returned to, a fantastic competitive Pokemon website, so I'll be posting a lot of Pokemon artwork I've drawn for Smogon's site and its official channels. I also go by Sephirona there.

Please don't use my art outside of officially maintained Smogon University/Nuggetbridge sites or edit/copy any of it in any way without asking me first! I'm not stingy about you using it but I'd really just appreciate you letting me know first and giving me credit. Thanks very much :3


* Current Residence: Potato
* Interests: Science Fiction, Graphic Design, Computers, Pokemon
* Favourite movie: Blade Runner
* Favorite books: Ender's Shadow, Dune
* Favourite artists: Eiichiro Oda, Naoki Urasawa.
* Favourite characters: Paul Atreides, Rob Lucci, Daenerys Targaryen, Sephiroth
* Favorite Pokemon: Snorlax and Joltik

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